Wedding Floristry for beginners:-

Buttonholes and Corsages

Corsage Styles

Simple tied bouquets

Head to Head tied bouquets

Posy Arrangement

Baskets and other wedding items
Wedding Floristry, Intermediate:-

Corsage styles

Tied bouquet styles

Bouquets on a holder

Wired Bouquets

Table decoration

Pedestal arrangements
Wedding Floristry, Advanced:-

Tied Bouquet styles

Bouquet on holder styles

Wired bouquet styles

Table decoration styles

Garlands and other wedding elements

Pedestal Arrangement styles
Everyday Floristry and Flower Arrangement:-

Hand Tied Flowers

Posy Bowl


Glass Vase arrangements

Over-arm presentation Bouquets

Hand Tied Styles

Recreational Flower Arrangement:-

Minimal Flower arrangements

Glass Vase arragements - styles

Bowl arrangements

All foliage arrangements

Hand Tied arrangements

Party Flowers
Church Flower Decoration:-

Liturgical times and colours, simple large arrangement

Entrance Arrangement

Statue interpretation and arrangement

Pedestal flowers and staging


Weddings and Festivals
Sympathy Flowers:-

Hand Tied

Tied Sheaf

Bowl and Basket arrangement

Wreath open and grouped

Wreath Based

Cushion country style
My Lilies
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