Reading Flower School

Reading Flower School is aimed at those who have always wanted to be involved in the world of flowers, be that for recreational use or for those who have wanted to go into the world of Floristry proper but have never had the time or opportunity.

Over the years when teaching Floristry and Flower Arrangement at City and Guilds and later at NVQ levels in Birmingham, It was found that 90% of students enroling on these courses had been at home bringing up a family and now that was achieved, wanted to get back out into the workplace. On the other hand it was people changing direction in their career's, learning new skills, doing something they had only seen from afar but always longed to persue.

Family events such as weddings have always prompted somone in the close circle of friends, relatives or Betty down the road to come up with the idea of doing the flowers, but really have no real idea of how to properly go about it and tragically make a real mess out of what should be a wonderful day! This is where Floristry and the Flower School comes in.

Most of the Flower schools are based in and around London and can cause a barrier to those who might want to learn this skill. Reading is ideally placed being on the M4 corridor to fill that gap

Floristry and Flower arrangement is a worthwhile skill to learn.

What is offerd here as you will see later, are small blocks of courses of 6 week duration, one evening per week and possibly Saturdays (to be decided) Some of the courses are in three parts Beginners, Intermediate and Advanced, this is especially true of the wedding section.

Floristry and Flower Arrangement is not learnt overnight as many a college student will tell you, to some it will come easy, to others it will be difficuilt and that is why there are different levels at which to enter.

The Flower School is open to anyone, male or female and where this will differ from the mainstream recognised college courses, there will be no emphasis on theory, however logical and informative explanations will be given as well as tips on the conditioning of flowers and foliages.

Its also a more relaxed way in which to learn where you can go at your own pace and there are no examinations to worry about.

If however that is the route you want to take then a recognised, certificated course at a college, of which there are many, would be correct.

There will be handouts at each session to backup what has been learnt.

Earn course has been competitively priced and all students must realise that the costs associated are for tuition, some flowers/materials and accociated fees , a list of what is required will be supplied at each session for the next and a rough idea of what materials will be needed.

Digital photographs will be taken at each lesson of the students work,and a certificate of attendance presented to each candidate at the conclusion of the course.

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